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Every single time a visitor comes to your web site, a brand interaction occurs. Whether their web site visit results in a brand building or brand eroding opportunity depends on your visitors’ experience on your site. For marketers to dismiss the Web as a direct response medium alone, or a glorified electronic brochure, and not […]

We read everyday articles such as search engine optimization, search engine results position ranking, PageRank increases, decreases, self-improvement, blogging techniques, widgets, XHTML, e-mail lists, Internet marketing, white papers, and more. Are you sure the authors of these articles really do what they say? Are you sure these “correct, by the book” techniques really help? How […]

Continuing the first interview here, on Butterfly Media Romania Blog, the second one features Tibi from Lost Art Of Blogging Blog. LAOB is a regularly updated blog that provides tips and tricks on how to succeed in the ever expanding blogosphere. What we’ll be covering here? Just about everything related to blogs: how to properly […]

Bloggers grow together. I opened my blog 4 months ago and I have collaborated with lots of other bloggers, smaller or bigger. But I tried to make contact with bloggers having a web site as old as mine. So, this week I will publish a series of interviews with some bloggers I made contact with. […]

You are trying to develop a well-written article and sell it to your readers. You have a sales blog. Yes, you do, you just don’t know it yet. By writing articles and making them public, you make sales. You try to sell your ideas to your readers, who, in turn, pay you in visits. And […]