Maschio ShopLast month I started using WooCommerce plugin to build an e-commerce site based on WordPress. I’ve also bought a theme with some code already incorporated, and started building the shop. It’s still in an early phase, being promoted and all, but the overall appearance of the shop is clean and lightning fast. Combined with CloudFlare, I’m sure the site will be successful pretty soon.

The only thing I’m not happy about is that WooCommerce doesn’t have Romanian translation, but I’m working on one, and it’s about 50% done. The front end is ready, as I don’t need the back end to be translated.

Visit the site here, Maschio Shop – Camasi barbatesti, and see it for yourself.

It’s my first WordPress based e-commerce site, as I only used ZenCart and Prestashop. Both of them really big installations with thousands of files.

Useful links:

Incomplete Romanian translation


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5 thoughts on “Using WooCommerce and Site Review

  1. Salut, sper ca nu deranjeaza adresarea in limba romana.
    Am un magazin online, CRKT.RO care acum vreau sa il migrez pe WooCommerce. Toate bune si frumoase (m-am apucat sa fac translatarea pt limba romana) pana la adaugarea fisierelor in site, le-am redenumit asa cum este necesar le-am pus in directorul aferent si surpriza nu mi le utilizeaza. Ce alte modificari mai sunt necesare pentru a avea frontend-ul in limba romana ?


      1. Salut baieti,

        De curand m-am apucat sa testez si eu cum functioneaza woocommerce si pot sa spun ca sunt foarte multumit. O singura problema ar fi ca nu are localizare in romana. Stiti cumva daca a tradus cineva sau unde as putea sa gasesc un fisier M-am apucat sa traduc o versiune din engleza cu poedit-ul, insa cred ca termin la anul.


  2. @Benny, da, eu am tradus o parte din el. In special front-end-ul, ca de ala aveam nevoie. Insa e cu cateva versiuni in urma. Vezi linkul in articol.

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