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While waiting for WordPress 3.5 to pop up, I’ve been playing with my plugins and the latest release candidates to identify and squash any potential bugs. I have also moved some separate tables inside the database to custom post types. Way easier to handle, update and display (pagination, moderation, custom meta keys and so on).


The first plugin to receive such updates was Roo Link Directory. Custom post types, custom taxonomies, unlimited image uploads, unlimited categories and category levels, Akismet-protected comments and more useful functions. Gone are the days of separate database tables, extra maintenance and sand castles.

Note: Roo Link Directory now works with SEO by Yoast plugin!

The support forums are now live and better than before, when a rogue CDN network delayed the posts even for a week.

The second plugin was eCards. It now works directly with attachments, and it allows hundreds of images on the same post. Just pick an image and send it. Several new functions have been introduced, and 2 more locales have been added.

Several new plugins saw the light of day on CodeCanyon, and a WordPress premium theme is in the making.

I have several old plugins which require updating, the most important one being WordPress Jobbin, the jobs marketplace. It’s long overdue, but it has to be done.

Also, focusing on what’s important, several premium plugins will be shut down and removed from the marketplace, and several free plugins will be added to WordPress plugin repository.

I’ll get back to waiting for WordPress 3.5 to pop up.

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