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What if Facebook had a dark theme? What if it looked like the screens below?

fb1 fb2 fb5 fb7 fb8 fb9 fb31 fb42 fb61 login

The author is Fred Nerby and lives in Brisbane, Australia.

“I wanted to create a better understanding and relation between user and content and how such data can be displayed. Today, Facebook is not so much the necessary evil that people have to get used to anymore as much as it has become part of people’s behaviour on a daily basis. That behaviour is a very powerful tool for both end-users and companies around the world when “used and promoted in the correct way”, create your platform and tell a story about it! The visual impact is crucial today and how we’re displaying information is essential for any application’s success.

I approached the platform from a user perspective and focused on targeted & personalized data while maintaining a visually appealing interface. Facebook has done a good job on this for a long time but we’re still not seeing the full extent of what’s possible within this platform. I believe the future of data, design & dev lies within personalised or targeted information online, because currently, we’re flooded with information online such as banners, ads and other media’s who have based their campaigns on a more narrative philosophy (which is “interrupting the user” to think of a brand or product they hadn’t thought about). This concept draws upon a systematic theory, creating a more personal environment online.” (Source)


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