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While analyzing my TODO lists these days, I tried to gather my ideas into an article. I started my blog a while ago and I’ve already progressed more than I hoped. Well, in 2008, I’m thinking to triple my 2007 results. Let me write a short list with what I hope for:

  • Increase my Alexa ranking (this is priority);
  • Become more respected;
  • Interview more and more bloggers;
  • Return to my original blogging niche: web trends and behaviours;
  • Join some more bloggers’ groups;
  • More commenting?
  • More regular writing;
  • Update my web projects (here, here and here);

That would be some of the goals for the first 2008 semester, I would add here more money from blogging, and more documenting and TODO lists for the second half. The ultimate goal remains still turning my hobby blogging into a full-time activity.

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21 thoughts on “2008 Blogging Goals

  1. ¡Hola! I followed your comment from Daily Blog Tips to head over here to your blog. Best of luck fulfilling your goals in 2008. I’ve got a bilingual (Spanish-English) blog called Voices en Español where I’m posting daily and a weekly podcast in Spanish. I’ve only been up and running for about 7 weeks now but please consider putting me on the list of bloggers to interview in the future.

    Thanks and ¡Hasta luego!

  2. Thank you and good luck to you, too, in 2008. I will add you to my interviews list as soon as I finish my current tasks.

  3. I never used to be an internet marketer, but by reading this whole blog from up to down I need to be.

  4. Blogroll links aint that great :P but i am not the admin

  5. Hope you reached your goals, it is always a good idea to set goals at the beginning of the year, gives you something to aim for.

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