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Here are, in my opinion, the best 5 marketing secrets. Which, right now, ceased to be secrets. Why? Because we all know them now. But we still like to call them secrets [:evil:].

1. People buy what other people have

I don’t really like to buy some unknown miracle product fresh on the market. But what if some other people bought it first and their impressions are very good? I want to buy one. Maybe just to brag that I have “one of those cool gadgets on the market”. Or software, or food, or anything that it applies to.

2. Build on a foundation

Write a new software from scratch and then develop patch after patch? Or improve an existing software, already on the market? I’d bet on the second option. Even if it involves a lot of work and study and statistics and polls.

3. Talk to your customers

Let them inform you what they want next, or what they want improved from your next product, or software version, or blog articles.

4. Have your way of saying it

Have a brand, a logo, a slogan, a motto, a wise word. Have a symbol, an image, a website, a blog. Be consistent, be respected. Use your slogan. Live by your slogan and show other people how to leave by YOUR slogan.

5. Finishing touches

Give more than expected. I like original PC games for their nicely coloured printed books or brochures. i really like those thinks. Or toys that come with games, collectibles. Does that give you some ideas? There is a saying in English I like – “Go the extra mile”.

These secrets are to be applied on long-term, so it’s best to be decided what road will you take on the next 5 years. Or less.

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2 thoughts on “5 Best Web Marketing Secrets

  1. I think #1 sounds materialistic. I think there’s more behavior involved. I buy what other people have because a) I want to solve the problem that they did or b) I want to try to feel how they feel.

    Much of advertising plays on these 2 items. Businesses market their products by showing how it helped solve a problem for others… or how it made others feel.

  2. Just found your blog today. Really like it – keep up the good work. But hey anything else on this topic you want to share?

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