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It’s not much since I’ve started my blog, about two months ago. I had no previous experience with blogging, so when I started my blog, I started reading other related blogs. I’ve never heard of John Chow, Darren Rowse, Dosh Dosh, Daily Blog Tips, and so many more. So I followed the advice on different kind of blogs and here is what I did wrong.

1. I have joined each and every affiliate network. Actually my Butterfly Organizer is full of affiliate web accounts. I’ve started to crowd all kind of widgets and affiliate banners in my sidebar to gain more popularity. What I did not realize was that I actually helping some smaller or larger blog networks and directories getting back links. There was no advantage for me whatsoever in having all those widgets. They slowed down my page loading and my blog looked like a big, crowded, colourful city, when I intended to have just a clean look.

2. Not linking back. Some of my articles were pure inspiration, and they had no links to other pages, when in fact, with a little documentation, I could have found some other great articles to match with some of my ideas. This way I would have created a backlink for another blog I had read and I would have given my readers, beside my great article, examples of what I’m talking about.

3. Prepublishing articles should occur whenever I had a great idea. Didn’t happen. Why? Because I thought I’ll write it later. Well, later all the inspiration had gone, the idea was not so fresh in my mind, and I would, eventually, abandon it.

4. Not having a hand-crafted theme. I have a public theme now. I will modify it when I will have some spare time. Actually, my actual theme is the same as some scam blog trying to do who knows what. And there are others like me, with the same theme, so I’m not unique. Although, I wish I was. And I will be, after changing my theme.

5. Not organizing my blogging time right. I write irregularly, 3 articles today, one tomorrow and none in the next couple of days. On one hand, this is good, because I should write whenever I have inspiration. But on the other hand, I should help my inspiration by choosing an hour a day to look for what’s new in the blogging world and write about it, or document on a certain topic (there are so many of them I still have to learn about). My readers will surely be happy to see some well-documented reference list on a hot topic.

I will overcome this mistakes and improve my blog, but right now, I am filtering what I read and choose really wisely what I do to my blog, and what networks I join, or what plugins I install.

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  1. Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

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