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Remember when you read a book and some chapter titles seemed really interesting? You knew that chapter by heart, never realized why, but you just did. The title helped. The same happens with blogs. You write article after article after article, and suddenly, boom! One article reaches Digg or StumpleUpon or you notice lots of trackbacks for that certain article. Why?

In the following lines I will try to explain some of the controllable variables of writing an article.

1. Length of article. Sometimes, I browse through my favourite blogs and don’t have time to read the entire front-page article because it is too long, so I bookmark that article in Firefox to read it later. The result of this action is, when I found such an interesting article, I include it in a speedlinking article.

2. Write a REALLY useful How-To list. With the multitude of social networks and blog catalogs and plugins and themes, it’s really easy to find an ignored subject and write a tutorial about it. It’s recommended to write it in steps and name it accordingly: “10 Steps to do This”, or “5 Tips for This”. By doing this, you risk to get tracked back by lots of other smaller blogs.

3. Create references. You had a problem with your blog, or had to do some research on a certain subject. Why not share it with your readers? Show them all available sources for a certain topic, documentation, helpful links, other blog articles about it. I’ve seen such reference lists with over 100 links on the same topic. Really useful!

4. Bring a very powerful argument on a controversial topic. This is the hardest of them all. You should get really documented on the topic, find other opinions and write the opposite of it. Of course, you should bring a lot of arguments for what you say.

5. Ask a question. A good question, with the potential of keeping the subject up for several weeks or even months. Your readers will comment on your article and even on other comments, and they surely will bookmark your article or subscribe to comments just to see what’s new every day.

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