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If you’re a normal blogger or website owner, you want more traffic. You might even search all over the web for great ways to generate or increase your traffic. This list is different from others because it contains simple, original ideas and off-the-wall, unique ideas.

  1. Write more content.
  2. Have a good design and layout.
  3. Get your own domain.
  4. Start using StumbleUpon.
  5. Guest blog.
  6. Begin tagging your images.
  7. Respond to your comments and email.
  8. Use BlogCatalog.
  9. Don’t waste your time.
  10. Pay attention to your stats.
  11. Link to other posts.
  12. In your posts, ask your readers questions.
  13. Make a lens on Squidoo.
  14. Comment on other blogs.
  15. Write list posts.
  16. Submit your blog to search engines.
  17. Establish relationships with fellow bloggers.
  18. Use traffic exchanges.
  19. Link to your other posts as often as you can.
  20. Sign up on Yahoo! Answers.
  21. Sign your blog up on blog top lists.
  22. Submit to site directories.
  23. Don’t use link trains. ;)
  24. Reread, edit, and go over your posts.
  25. Submit your posts to blog carnivals.
  26. Hold your own blog carnival.
  27. Link exchange with other people in your field.
  28. Use Feedburner for people to subscribe to your blog.
  29. Use Youtube.
  30. Ask the bigger blogs for a link.
  31. Use Technorati tags.
  32. Write a post about a celebrity.
  33. Encourage others to Digg your articles.
  34. Get a plugin for the social bookmarking sites.
  35. Link to the A-listers.
  36. Write a pillar post.
  37. When a major holiday rolls around, write about it.
  38. Use smart URLs on WordPress.
  39. Make your readers feel at home.
  40. Be a human, not a robot.
  41. Take the ads off your site.
  42. Start your own blog directory.
  43. Post about A-listers in your field.
  44. Interview other bloggers.
  45. Write link love posts.
  46. Have a contest or giveaway!
  47. Pretend to sell your blog.
  48. Be a comedian.
  49. Help bloggers that need you.
  50. Have polls on your blog.
  51. Start more blogs.
  52. Create or hack a WordPress plugin.
  53. Create a blog theme (WordPress, Blogspot, whatever).
  54. Make graphics that are useful to others.
  55. Make graphics for social networking sites as well.
  56. Make a Myspace and get a lot of friends.
  57. Answer questions you get through comments or email in a post.
  58. Work on search engine optimization.
  59. Start an awards series.
  60. Buy ads using Google Adwords.
  61. Order reviews through ReviewMe.
  62. Use ReviewBack to get reviewed for free.
  63. Write a press release.
  64. Get on the most favorited list on Technorati.
  65. Join forums and message boards.
  66. Add your link to your forum signature.
  67. Write catchy post titles with keywords.
  68. Use images in your posts.
  69. Write a review.
  70. On high traffic days, write more great quality posts.
  71. Post about important events in your niche.
  72. Share one of your secrets.
  73. Do something unique.
  74. Keep improving your blog.
  75. Be yourself.

Source: Super Blogging Tips

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28 thoughts on “75 Steps To Increase Traffic

  1. You can use for bookmarking.

  2. Wow! Long list but … the ideas are really too mixed and some of the tips are really questionable.

    I will give you only 2 examples.

    “16. Submit your blog to search engines”

    That’s definitely a waste of time. See your tip no. 9 (Don’t waste your time). The blogs do the job themselves by pinging. These days all major search engines will pick up your website without you wasting your time. The old days when you needed to submit your website to search engines are gone. Well, there are tons of MINOR search engines that will not index your site if you don’t submit it but … see again the tip no. 9.

    “18. Use traffic exchanges”

    You do this only if you want to get useless traffic. The term of “traffic exchange” includes the automatic traffic exchanges. The people are out shopping while their computers surf automatically your blog. Computers do NOT read anything and do NOT buy anything from you. See again the tip no.9 :-)

  3. What is a ‘link train’?

    Another tip might be to sign up for accounts with a range of online bookmarking services, and bookmark your content.

  4. Web Desing Glasgow, read here wha’s the deal with the link train:

  5. Great. thanks for the info and Menka that link was helpful. Thanks

  6. Great and exhaustive list and good comments too. Thanks.

  7. Great list, thanks for sharing those useful tips on how to drive more traffic from blog.

  8. Thanks Josh, Se you on

  9. Some great points but there are a few I don’t really agree with, like starting new blogs (handling one blog can be a hard task..), or write a post about a celebrity, what if this is not part of your niche?

  10. Wow what a really long list there! Cant say that i agree with every single one of those points, but some points are very worthwhile.

  11. This list is definitely worth a bookmark. It is a timely reminder for me to pick up some of the useful pointers like holding a contest and experimenting with Yahoo! Answer.

    However, I disagree with #32 and #41. Anyone with me?

  12. 32, write an article and mention a celebrity name 2 or 3 times, you’ll notice a change in traffic.

    I once wrote an article and I mentioned something about Guitar Hero, I had some traffic based off “Guitar Hero” searches in Google. Could be an experiment.

    41, not sure, you could try it on a Naked Blog Day :)

  13. Number 26 is very good. Blog Carnivals can womp links to you so fast. It’s not necessarily getting links for more traffic directly anyway. Getting those links so you get more spider traffic and using optimized content is what is really going to matter.

  14. I think it is much more important to write GOOD content rather than MORE content. I have run across many blogs with lots of bad content I never revisited and many other blogs with a little bit of really good content I bookmarked.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.

  15. On second thought, it is certainly possible you didn’t bother to say ‘good content’ because you just assumed that was a given. Who advises people to write more ‘bad’ content? Probably nobody. If that was the case, sorry for the lame comment above…

  16. i can remember one by one of the tips.
    maybe this post is proper to be bookmarked

  17. So simple and yet so difficult to follow tips. Most of us know these steps must be followed, but never take action. I am one of those lazy bums :)

  18. BTW, I am bookmarking this page. It will be handy on those once in a while days when creative juices flow inhibited.

  19. It’s a huge list but not all of them agreeable. No. 48. Be a comedian? What’s the deal with increasing traffic? Unless it relates to the topic you are blogging about.

  20. Very Good ones and I am sure to follow most of them atleast in the future…. thanks

  21. although I have seen these tips earlier but you have mentioned few unique ideas in your post, nice list

  22. Wow, this is a great resource. I like how it is all listed out so that the info is nice and quick to absorb. Thanks very much for this one.

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