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1. Logo

A nice, clean logo should define a company or an individual online, no matter what.

2. Typography

Typography is either part of the logo, the company/individual name, or the overall online/offline theme.

3. Colors

No more than 2 colours. 2.

4. Brand

The sum of many variables in the life of a company (or individual). Something like: “When you say browser, you say Firefox” (you don’t have to agree with me on this subject).

5. Products/Services

Pick 2 or 3 products or services and make them good. And popular.

6. Community

Have a strong blog and forum community can only be benefficial for your brand.

7. Culture

History, live appearances, TV ads, fun.

8. Support

Offer (live) support and advice and forum discussion for items at number 5.

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7 thoughts on “8 Strong Corporate Features

  1. One of my buddies is always talking about your blog at work – finally came and checked it out today, nice work! I’m subscribing to your rss feed – keep on posting!

  2. You say that a good forum community is one of the key factors, but do you have any suggestions on how to foster such a community especially in the beginning?

  3. @Idealo News: I had sites which stalled for months and then exploded. Lots of traffic, visitors, ads and more. If the product or service is properly marketed, users will eventually need to talk about it. And what better place to do it than the official forum.

    I’m talking here about a forum that serves a product or a service. You’ll just have to promote one thing, and the others will follow.

  4. chip, you break it down very nicely and simply. but quite honest, it is not as simple as that. Doing those thing mentioned with create the appearance of a strong successful brand. But to whom? you must go the extra effort to optimize a corporate website for search engines by using a combination of internet marketing strategies to drive visitors to the site you have worked so hard to build and brand and increase your overall online presence.

  5. Definitely I agree with this list of features you determined. Here I found a very interested article about Corporate Web Design Strategies

  6. I agree with you that these features are very important for a Corporate organisation that is looking to build a strong Corporate Identity. I would say that most of the above are essential.
    .-= MJ Stapleford Corporate Identity’s last blog ..Logo Design for Company based in Bristol =-.

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