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Revolutionize your blog using AdSense units. Are you using AdSense to earn money? Try to diversify their placement and their colour scheme. Below are some basic advice for you to follow every 3 or 6 months, depending on your niche and on your traffic level.

1. Are you blending in your ad units? Make them a complementary colour.

2. Are you using contrasting colours? Blend them in.

3. Are you using 3 ad units on your blog or web site? Let go of the least profitable one. You will notice an increase in the other two remaining.

4. Are you using link units? They’re bad. They make your web site look built for AdSense and they require to clicks to earn you money. Actually, this depends on your niche and your experience with them. I could use some feedback here.

5. Are you using ads below the fold (i.e. do your users need to scroll the page to see more ads?)? This is not good. Try to place all your ads above the fold, or try a smart placement and use them near comment fields or relevant related posts for example.

And, as always, track everything and see what fits your web site best.

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