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Do you remember the RSS competition between John Chow and Shoemoney?

Here it is, 2 weeks to go, and John Chow and Shoemoney are fighting with their best weapons.

While John Chow is having some technical problems (see below), Shoemoney is aggressively pointing his visitors towards a harmless RSS subscription, while giving away some prizes every day, and a big one at the end of the competition.

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2 thoughts on “Aggressive RSS Campaign

  1. Hi there from Canada

    I just caught your post on wpdesigner and noticed they wouldn’t review it because it’s a wordpress theme. So, being a newbie blogger myself, I thought I’d hop on over to take a look. You have some very good content here, a lot of stuff I myself could learn a lot from (being in the blog-promotion phase and all of my blog..I have little to no idea how to do that stuff lol)

    I thought I might comment though on something that you may want to adjust on your site. When I entered the site for the first time, I immediately got an invitation to subscribe to your RSS feed. I was wondering if you might want to put that at the bottom of your page, and put more of your content on the top of the page where visitors can get a look at what your site is actually about.

    But on the upside, I like the color scheme you have. The cream and white are very calming colors, it’s not in-your-face like some newbie sites have it. You have some interesting links to other sites, and it’s all easy to navigate around.

    Well that’s my review lol Not a wpdesigner review, but thought you might find it helpful anyway.

    My own website is far from perfect. It’s mostly a health site about being on the raw food diet (which is a diet about eating mostly fruits and vegetables) Feel free to review it too if you like-as long as the negatives are equalled out with the positives, it’s all good :)

    Have a good day


  2. Thank you very much for your kind words. Actually the placement of RSS subscription is part of an agressive campaign. Once in a while, you have to change arrangement on your blog to emphasize certain features. Maybe, in 2 months, I will have something else on the top, maybe an ad, or an affiliate banner, maybe some news plugin.

    Thanks again :)


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