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I like experiments. Blogging experiments. The first one was a linking spree. It was a huge success. The next one was a commenting experiment. I don’t know if this went entirely wrong, as I had success and built some valuable backlinks from my fellow bloggers.

One fact caught my attention. I commented on John Chow’s blog and I was a Top Commentator for a while, backlinks came pouring in. All my comments were far from “Good post” or “I agree”, as I gave my opinions and sometimes wrote back a few lines with articles I enjoyed. Days later, I found myself missing from his list (yes, it was the same month, and no commentators reset), and from the comments. That means one thing: he marked me as a spammer. Or took his time and manually deleted all my comments.

A few weeks later, my fellow blogger, mr. Not John Chow, did the same experiment, got some backlinks, and later reported he was missing from the Top Commentators list. Mr. Not John Chow, are we spammers?

I don’t intend to spam, nor promote my blog using grey hat methods. I intend to grow it and become known for I write, not what I comment (even if my comments sometimes prove useful).

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10 thoughts on “Am I Spammer?

  1. I think you have a very legit grouse, but maybe, others over took you or something by posting more comments? John Chow’s list is notoriously difficult of be on. Why dont you email and find out?

  2. I don’t think other people over took me, as I don’t appear in the comments either. I will try to comment again, and if my comment appears, then it’s OK. If not, I will email John Chow.

  3. Spam is something that all blogs choose not to have and unfortunately it damages blogs in general. I often pop past a blog, make a post and my thoughts that I took the time to write are not displayed. This causes people not to post and only read and leave.

  4. In most cases, leaving comments like, “great, i agree, so on etc.. etc” is considered as spam. Maybe there are people who are not reading the whole article, instead they just jump down to the comment form and write those “spammy” comments. So maybe next time, you should add more thoughts when you leave your comment.

  5. I think that John Chow likes to discourage you from getting too much attention. Either way, if you leave your next comment on his blog with a link to this post maybe you will get even more traffic. Controversy breeds traffic! Nice Post!

  6. John Chow is volume based and prefers quantity to quality. You are not the only one with this grouse. He is often arbitrary and perhaps it is his system that is responsible and not he but, not to worry. In terms of value his blog does not contribute much to blogs like yours.

  7. @Martin Welch: I usually write more than 2 lines when I comment. If I want to say “Good job” or “I agree”, I’d better come back to my blog and comment. I VERY RARELY use two-word comments, like you mentioned.

    @Not John Chow: Interesting idea with linking from JC with this article.

    @Music Software: Thank you, all I need from JC is traffic. The readers decide afterwards if they want to hang around my blog or not.

  8. I think he is a very competitive marketeer, when you visit and comment on his site, he places more preference to new bloggers than blogs he thinks will have more authority over his in future.

    leaving useful comments can be blog cause in a way it also makes your site fresh in the eyes of the search engines. However, it improves your PR too from what i’ve noticed too.

  9. He’s also a very active writer, as it’s very hard to write about 3 articles a day and well documented as well, except for those quick posts from travels, events or reviews.

  10. I wouldn’t worry about being removed from the top commentators list. If your website deserves links, then it gets them! Blogs are too personal. You don’t like my opinion, so you delete me and eventually mark me as spammer.

    I’ve seen some websites (free directories) which do block my IP address. I have never spammed them… And even if I wanted to do so, I’d use some proxy :) .

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