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This post is part of the re-entry series.

Last month I ran a heatmap analysis of the header of, mostly because I have completely changed the design about 6 months ago and pageviews kept going down. This analysis is part of a greater project, which is currently running and analysing more page sections. Back to my first analysis, though, here’s a screenshot of before and after:

Header Heatmap

As you can see from the heatmap, I have no clicks on the main menu, and most of them are on the search form. My initial header had two “WordPress Plugins” menu items, one with free plugins and one with paid plugins. I have merged them into one page, listing both free and paid products. The “Store” menu item became the homepage, and it now includes all featured products, latest articles from the blog and a subscription box. I have also added a tiny home icon and the menu is now more concise. Things can still be improved, so I am running a second iteration of the sitemap.

I already know what the next heatmap will show, so the next steps are to add more padding to¬†the main menu bar and merge the two “Account” buttons when the user is logged in.

I am currently using the WordPress native search and I am not 100% happy with it. I have experimented the free version of Algolia, but search reporting was inconclusive, and the plugin added too many scripts to be considered viable for a full search replacement. Back to the drawing board, I need to make some small, iterative changes to the search function. Maybe add more padding to the search box container. Just a bit.

Also, note the “Sign Up” and “Login” clicks. I safely assume I can merge “Login” and “Account” menu items and rename “Account” to “My Account”.

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