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Recession came more powerful than I initially predicted. Online earnings went down to as much as 60%. As a result of this, I started to research new strategies, I joined more networks, improved some of my web sites, and tried to grow others. If I would have done this last year or two years ago, it would have been a blast and lots of traffic spikes would test my hosting power.

Another step I took was to put some domains for sale. I just can’t seem to find the right formula for the Blog Tycoon ( domain. I started it as a multi-user collaboration blog. Lack of promotion and marketing made me start a blog directory. Long-term intention was to develop it into something like Blog Catalog or Technorati. Again, lack of time made me choose the wrong platform, and a custom in-house one is out of discussion. The other one is cgButterfly ( Its initial purpose was to create a graphics designers community, somthing like cgSociety, cgArena, cgIndia, and more.

Right now I am working on a custom CMS for a real estate portal, and a statistics engine, something like Google Analytics. One of our local statistics (and one of the three available in Romania) decided to implement a fee. A small one, but it’s a fee. And I’m sure that 75% (I dare to say 80%) of the web sites they analyze would just quit. It’s simple as that. They should implement some damping measures, not ask money. So, I reckon this is the right time to put it online and promote it like hell.

And the sun will shine again.

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3 thoughts on “And The Sun Will Shine Again

  1. I think everyone is hoping the sun will shine again. Life is pretty bad for a lot of people right now.. I think the message should be passed on that everyone should just try and stay as happy as possible in the situation and deal with money troubles when they come along – make the most of a bad situation. It´s some consolation that everyone is in the same boat just now! Hope 2009 brings a bit of hope towards the end!

  2. Life’s still good. No matter earnings are cut :) . Keep investing because during these times people are willing to work for peanuts! That’s right. Even people from the USA are willing to write a few articles for a $100 or $200. That’s very cheap :) .

  3. That’s a good point Jan. If you have some money behind you during these times you can really make the most of it. Thanks for sharing.

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