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A couple of years ago, I would have spelled netsetter as netsettr. It would have been a clever move. Nettsetters know what I mean.

“A netsetter is an entrepreneur who understands what the Internet means for making money, starting businesses and changing the way they live.

A netsetter realizes that the Internet means you can bootstrap almost any endeavor until it becomes profitable.

A netsetter realizes that geographical location no longer prohibits collaboration between anyone.

A netsetter knows that just because you have employees doesn’t mean you need an office. You might not have even met them.

A netsetter doesn’t dream about four hour work weeks and location independent businesses. They create them.

Or, they create their dream business and work every waking hour.”

Why this intro? You have not read the Netsetter blog yet. Here’s 4 articles I selected for you in order to become more motivated and start a 7 figure blogging business tomorrow, at 6.30 a.m.

  • Creating Your Own Deadlines and Setting Aggressive Goals for Your Business
  • Motivating Yourself – Heroes, Role Models & Rivals
  • So You Want to Start a Startup? 5 Places to Start
  • Startup Stories: Freddy Mini of Netvibes

Get to work now!

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