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What WordPress plugin are you using for backup? I’ve been reading some articles on server failures and fires lately and, although I’m manually backing up my blog every month, I’m thinking of using a WordPress plugin to do this automatically. I have about 10 WordPress-powered blogs and I really want to have a backup solution.

I will search through the WordPress plugins database, but first I decided to ask you, maybe you have already tested some solutions and are able to give me some advice.

Moreover, another source of concern might be hacking. I wouldn’t want to let a hacker wander through my articles database and delete them all. The same thing happened a while ago with a Dungeons and Dragons blog, and I lost about 150 articles about AD&D. What a shame.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing some solutions from you. If not, I will do some research on a backup plugin and come back here to talk about it.

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5 thoughts on “Are You Backing Up Your Blog?

  1. I am a novice at this game. I am also lazy! I would rather that you did the research and advised me. It is however an interesting, but frightening thought that we may lose everything. Hope that it would be coming up fast.

  2. I have nightmares about losing data like this. I will surely let you know if something comes my way.

  3. I use a wordpress backup plugin that automatically emails me a zip file every day of my entire blog. You can setup the plugin to do automatic backups at almost any frequency you desire. I also use GoDaddy for hosting and I use their FTP backup feature to automatically ftp a backup of everything else on the site (such as pictures) to GoDaddy’s FTP backup servers. I’ve never used the restore feature of either (thankfully), so I don’t know if all of this works as advertised, but I hope I never have to find out, either.

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  5. It is crucial to have a backup plan for your blog. I’m not educated well enough to pick the best WordPress backup plugin, but once you find the best one for your site, using this coupled with the use to your domain hosts’ backup plan can really keep your site secure. Another post detailing the different WordPress plugins so that individuals can choose which plugin is the best and has all the features for them would be very helpful. But again, using just one line of defense is risky, using two or more gives you good peace of mind that your important data will not be lost forever.

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