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Yesterday I bumped into Shoemoney’s article, “Are You a Guitar Hero?“. Being used to Jeremy’s articles, I found it odd to see him writing about Guitar Hero.

My first thought hit me. It’s just a strategy. Reach out and grab more readers. His niche is SEO, web, SERP, blogging, money-making and everything in-between. What if he wrote an article about something else? Like Guitar Hero.

He would rank his blog in the major search engines (at least a little) for the words “Guitar Hero“. I’m sure he will write about this later, or at least analyze the results and come up with such ideas more often (if viable).

I like this strategy. Once in a while, write a personal article about yourself and something else than money-making. You will get closer to your readers, let them understand you, share your passions, and you’ll see an increase in traffic and in comments amount. This applies to your regular readers/visitors.

This being said, I’ll go do some R&D for my next article. Find something hip or hot these days.

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6 thoughts on “Article Analysis: Guitar Hero

  1. Guitar hero is a game, I really think each kid should better pick a guitar and start playing it for real.It is way more fun and better!

  2. Check out this blog. It has constant guitar tutorials and a complilation of good guitar solos but different artists :)

  3. He is a bit of a genius to be quite honest! Good vids too! :)
    However, like said above – I think it is good for people to take a musical interest and buy GH or RB, *but*, I really detest when I start hearing people say stuff like, “I can play a whole bunch of songs from people like Blink, Metallica, Nirvana etc, etc”… Then you find out they mean they can press some buttons and keep timing on either RB or GH.

    To those people, I say firstly;
    And then,
    “Dude, get the real thing!”

  4. IMO, it’s amazing that the GH game has become such a hugh success. No offence.

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  6. Kids should Get a real Guitar a learn to play

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