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Some major changes are coming along. Over time, I tried to monetize in various ways. Some of these ways failed, so I have to rethink my business model.

It all started years ago with my freelance business, called Butterfly Media, which provided website design and hosting. I had moderate success and I was able to make a living from my clients. The blog was a corporate blog and its articles described various aspects of the freelancing business, server updates, services upgrades and industry news. When freelancing started to dwindle, I closed the site and migrated to a full blog, called Blog Tycoon. It was my online home for several years and I wrote countless articles, lots of them still available on I have started several side projects, such as a WordPress network, a recipe website and an experimental project, called Grid Blogging.

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I was able to live off these projects for a while, but managing them became more and more tedious and, if I wanted quality, I needed to work even harder, which was not a viable option with a full time job. So I stopped. I migrated again from .net to .com and I purchased getButterfly. I moved all the articles, tutorials and useful content here and closed everything else.

I started promoting my WordPress plugins, which, at that time, have just started selling on CodeCanyon. It took a year for getButterfly to rise and I’ve been making a decent living off WordPress plugins and custom PHP scripts ever since. Slowly, but surely, the blog was abandoned, and the articles were mere news, changelogs or “links of the day”. Then they stopped. My spare time had run out.

As I’ve reorganized my priorities and my work, I decided to go back to writing. I am now maintaining a handful of plugins and trying to offer 100% support for them. I still have a full time job and I manage to keep my plugins updated and my customers happy.

Good times are back.

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