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After I quit some bad-neighbourhood web sites linking, but inbound and outbound links decreased suddenly according to Google Webmaster Tools. I almost felt sorry for them, but after a great effort of rebuilding them using social networking techniques, I am quite pleased of the result. They are growing again.

I surely hope to have them back and growing in about 2 months. But now there is no worry of getting banned from some big search engine. As we are approaching 2008, my blog will end the year heads up, with backlinks growing, double respect and reputation, and many new friends.

Dear friends, try to stay away from bad neighbourhoods, try to quit the newer advertisement networks such as Widgetbucks, AGLOGO, TLA, and more. I’m still keeping my BlogRush widget and my newest MyBlogLog widget. They seem a nice addition to the blog. For now. We will see what 2008 brings us.

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  1. Hi,

    True. In fact, doing the necessary analysis upfront is a smart strategy. I found a good resource for anybody wanting quality links/directories at (no affiliation). Check it out, and see how you like it! -JR

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