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Just like in real life, web banners are a way of showing off your product or service in a very attractive layout. Be it simple, complex, static, animated, interactive, interstitial, it has a very simple task to accomplish: capture the eyes of the visitor.

So, I was about to launch a new site, providing blog networking tools, and I started researching some ways of marketing using web banners. Web banners should be (according to budget/time/importance) simple, convey a message, and provide a gateway to the advertised product or service. I designed a banner template using a coffee cup icon and some distorted heat wave flowing out of the cup. I inserted the title and coloured the banner red and black (with white text). Using the banner template I designed some standard dimensions, 125×125, 88×31, 468×60, 160×600 and 728×90. All of them were the same.

Budget: 0 (actually, when you have a network of sites/blogs you don’t need a budget as you post the banners on these sites/blogs). I also used my clients web sites for promotion (none of them said “No”), so the impact was quite big. I started receiving visits from the first week. I used about 5 125×125 banners, 2 160×600 banners, 4 or 5 468×60 banners and more than 20 88×31 buttons.

So, the secret in successful banner marketing lies in heavy promotion, a large variety of banner sizes, combined, of course, with occasional mails, commenting, signature marketing and forum activity.

Banners were quite hip 8-10 years ago. Right now, it’s hard to build a banner that catches the eye. Some advertisers use exagerrated measures such as full screen ads with a “Continue to…” link, or page peel ads (Flash, annoying), or rollover ads that bring balloons or flies or cars on your browser’s screen (they’re also called “Find the ‘close’ button!”)

Let’s finish with a question. What are your most successful banner sizes?

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