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How to be the Dungeon Master using only JavaScript and CSS? James Edwards explains how. It would be a nice touch for a top-down RPG game like Dawn.

The essence of our maze script lies in our ability to create a three-dimensional perspective from a two-dimensional map. But before we can make sense of how the perspective works, we must look at the map — or, as I’ll refer to it from now on, the floor plan.

The floor plan is a matrix that defines a grid with rows and columns. Each square in the floor plan contains a four-digit value that describes the space around that square — whether it has a wall or floor on each of its four sides. As we’ll see in a moment, we’ll use a 1 or a 0 for each of the four digits.

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3 thoughts on “Be The Dungeon Master

  1. This is a great idea. I have always thought that the Dungeon Master could do a much better job with some good computer tools. I would really like to see a full fledged program with a good user interface that would enable a DM to design and run a dungeon without having to know how to program. I think that this would be a product that people would be willing to buy. Do you know of any program like this in the works?

  2. @Not John, as for me I wish if I can find a program that can make me use it without knowing anything about anything, if you just know how much troubles I have in the programing things, I have a site that stuck in the middle with a designer and now I can’t continue somewhere else and I can’t even stop it,
    I need to learn a lot!

  3. Hey John, I saw a presentation of DnD 4. It’s really cool, it’s all computer-driven, and it’s really useful. Check it out on

    @Music Site, what site are you talking about?

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