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Don’t try to imitate other more or less famous bloggers. Your readers will notice. Try and create your unique style, read the article loud once or twice to see where are the mistakes and if you like your tone and approach. I once worked in television media, and the reporters always missed the same mistakes. It took a different person with a fresh mind to read the news and say “There’s a mistake!” or “Hey, that kinda scratch my ear” or “What do you want to say in this sentence?”.

So what if you don’t have inspiration? Imagine you meet with a random reader every day and you have to speak with him. How will you do it? As a friend, with a normal, informal tone, asking questions, answering, laughing, and so on. Do this on your blog and see that your readers will like more, and others will come to your blog. I, personally, enjoy more a relaxed tone, than a corporate-style one. One has to feel that the article author speaks with him, an even if the article is written, one can still make changes by commenting and adding his own opinion.

Be consistent and in time you’ll have your own identity. And your share of loyal readers. I am loyal to several blogs which I read 30% for the information and 70% for the way the information is layed out to me.

It is also a good, and even recommended, idea to quote others in your blogs whenever you want to sound like them. They’ll get a link from you, a sign that you are their reader, and you’ll get a trackback link back (this, however, depends on the blogging platform used and the individual settings), so everyone is happy, a natural link exchange has been done, and your article is both informative and professional as it quotes several trustworthy sources for what you wrote.

I hope you’ll take this advice and use it for the best in your blogging road to success.

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