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I decided to clean up my blogs. Unuseful widgets, texts, icons, plugins, everything got deleted.

I started by deactivating and deleting the plugins I didn’t use. There were a handful of them. I deactivated some widgets, like Link Exchange and Meta (anybody can add to their URL root address a /wp-login.php).

I added the WordPress Clean Options Plugin and cleaned up my database. The plugin finds orphaned options and allows for their removal from the wp_options table.

I added the Sitemap Generator Plugin and created a sitemap page. Very useful for my readers in search for old articles and resources.

Now, WordPress Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin helps me see the tracking activity. Quite good, as I’m using it for 3 months so far.

And finally,  WP Security Scan Plugin keeps my blog secure. I’ve noticed an update a day for this plugin, so chances are any bugs are squashed in due time.

Further steps may be XHTML source formatting, using a XHTML/CSS validator, fixing errors, enabling server-side GZIP compression, and maybe more.

My blog is now faster, and less cluttered.

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8 thoughts on “Blog Clean Up Day

  1. Very interesting post

  2. I’m going to try that security plugin. Sounds useful and helpful.

  3. its good that you added a sitemap page, the will make your blog more SEOed!

  4. Good work. You sure must have too many cups of beer by now.

  5. Must be that time of the year …. I did a similar cleanup on my blog last weekend. Next to go will be some of the ads, which aren’t worth the space they take up.

  6. Yes I definetly think its the time of yeay for cleaning up sites and blogs etc.
    Lucy xx

  7. The blog definitely looks good, keep it up.

  8. Thanks, this is one of the better posts I’ve read today. I share your vision about that. Thanks man!

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