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A year ago, I purchased a domain name in order to build a money-making power blog. It was called Blog Tycoon.

The domain hosted a blog for a while until I decided to shut it down out of lack of time. I then built a link directory for blogs. Not a good idea. I entered a deprecated saturated market with 0 to -1 chances of success.

I, now, ask you what should I do with the domain. I don’t want to sell it as the name is really good ( I just want an idea or a collaboration to build something useful. Something like or But this requires some heavy coding and my current projects take all the time. And I’m not happy with this.

I’m waiting for your comments.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Tycoon

  1. Maybe spread the word about it (which you do) and ask famous bloggers to post articles. Another idea would be interviewing them. Could be a good thing to ask Romanian bloggers first just to have a good start.

    The directory market is indeed over saturated. I do own a bunch of them and decided to make them all payed ones (just to stop the spamming not because out of greed). The “anti-spam” solution works just fine and also have true submissions, even featured ones, without even spreading too much word about it ;) Here’s the 3rd idea.

    Anyway … GOOD LUCK!

  2. I am trying to build something resembling Twitter for Romanian websites. Maybe I’ll have more luck here. I also have a friend who might help me promote my new idea.

  3. Looking at the whois for the website it seems it is going to expire soon on 15-jul-2009. So I am guessing you are at a crossroads whether to renew it or not, for future ideas? etc…

    To be honest Chip, I am not sure about the making it like blog catalog, or like myblog, personally… the name of the domain to me sounds more like a blog that is meant to show how people can about making their own blog kingdom, but that niche in of it self is also saturated…. So not sure what you can do, its a tough call for sure.

    Till then,


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