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Irish WhiskeyIt’s been a while since I wrote on this blog, as I’ve been on and off with custom programming, relocation (I’m in Dublin now!) and other RL issues. There was a time I used to write a daily post, but I couldn’t keep up.

Well, everything changed now, and I have more free time for myself and my thoughts, as I’m working full-time as a web developer and I quit (or frozen) many personal projects. I became more involved with WordPress, developing some custom admin themes (based on MP6) and some really nice client plugins.

I will post an article daily on this blog and weekly on my web site. I have some news I want to share with you, and these are my only remaining blog/article web sites. Maintaining full-time web sites is a very tedious job, so I’ve quit my venture and my project (everything is still there, it’s just not updated anymore).

You may have noticed it on the frontpage, I’m updating all my CodeCanyon plugins and organizing them into high priority, medium priority and low priority. The high priority ones will be actively developed and will receive many new features. The medium priority ones will only receive bug fixes and general updates, according to WordPress updates. The low priority ones will only receive critical bug fixes and/or requested bug fixes. These (low priority) plugins have a low purchase rate and better alternatives may be available.

I’m also setting up a newsletter section on this blog, with weekly or monthly updates, some of them not visible on the main blog.

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