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I opened my blog 4 months ago and I have collaborated with lots of other bloggers, smaller or bigger. But I tried to make contact with bloggers having a web site as old as mine. So, this week I will publish a series of interviews with some bloggers I made contact with.

These bloggers belong to the same niche as my blog, SEO, blogging techniques, monetization, branding, tips and tricks, Internet marketing, and more.

The first one is Jason Blanton from Success For Your Blog.

1. Let’s make a short introduction (name, age, location, occupation, favourite 3 blogs).

2. What made you start a blog?

Thought it would be cool.

3. Why did you choose your current topic?

I choose Successful blogging and blogging Tips because as I was learning how to blog, I realized there is a ton of information to write about.

4. What ad networks (not affiliates) you currently host and what’s the most profitable so far?

Right now I have decided to hold off on placing ads on my blog and concentrate on quality and traffic.

5. How do you deal with regular posting and deadlines?

Right now my posting schedule is to post daily but not by a specific time. As my readers increase that is sure to increase. I write weekly for and there I have a deadline. My article must be posted at 10:00AM Thursday mornings.

6. How much time do you spend blogging (this includes commenting on other blogs, documenting for new articles and optimizing for search engines)?

I would say I spend about 30 hours a week blogging.

7. What are the most rewarding parts of blogging? What about most frustrating?

The rewarding thing is to see your traffic increase and subscribers increase.
The most frustrating thing is not seeing my traffic increase as quickly as I would like when I feel like I am working harder than ever.

8. Have you ever used any black SEO method for increasing your rankings?

Have not used any Black Hat SEO tricks. Trying to keep myself honest with things I post about.

9. Do you see yourself continuing this blog for a long time?

Yes I see this going for an extended period into the future.

10. What’s your plan for the next 3 months?

To increase traffic, subscribers, and coming up with new ways to get my brand and name out there in the blogosphere.

11. What’s your plan for the next 6 months?

Within the next 6 months I plan to monetize Success For Your Blog and continue working to optimize things and really make thing look professional.

12. Have you been struck by the recent PageRank decreases?

This Blog is only about 4 months old and growing rapidly, I was pleasantly surprised to even get a PR1 after only being 4 months old.

13. Describe your blog in 3 words.

Successful Blogging Tips

14. How do you get inspiration for you articles?

Since this is a Blog about Blogging, my inspiration usually comes from things I am going through as a blogger and things I think would help others in their pursuit to blogging.

15. Tell me 5 biggest mistakes you’ve made since the beginning of you blog.

  • Not starting sooner.
  • Tried monetizing too early
  • Not proofreading posts enough
  • Not socializing enough in the blogosphere early on
  • Haven’t made the 5th mistake yet. :-)

16. What makes your blog different from all the other?

Some of the other blogs in my niche forget about where they came from and don’t include information for the Blogger that just started 2 hours ago. I strive to include all levels of bloggers and make sure I revisit some concepts over time.

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