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Continuing the first interview here, on Butterfly Media Romania Blog, the second one features Tibi from Lost Art Of Blogging Blog.

LAOB is a regularly updated blog that provides tips and tricks on how to succeed in the ever expanding blogosphere. What we’ll be covering here? Just about everything related to blogs: how to properly write on your blog, what to write about, how to engage other bloggers and readers, blogging tools etc. you get the deal.

The questions are the same, so here are the answers:

1. Let’s make a short introduction (name, age, location, occupation, favourite 3 blogs).

Hello, my name is Tiberius Puiu (or just Tibi), I’m 18 years old and I’m from Pitesti, Romania. I’m a senior high school student and a part time blogger as well. My top 3 favorite blogs? Well, that’s a bit of a hard question as I love to read a lot of blogs daily and can’t quite decide on any favorites. Just for the sake of it I think they would be:

Problogger (without any doubt)
Doshdosh (<3 Maki)
Daily Blog Tips (they’ve always been a constant source of inspiration for me)

2. What made you start a blog?

Well, if you’re talking about Lost Art Of Blogging, this isn’t my first blog, I’ve been niche blogging for a while before making LOAB, but ultimately what made me build it I guess was my need to share my experiences and expertise with fellow bloggers.

3. Why did you choose your current topic?

Well same as above :P, to detail a bit I was really frustrated because I had all these great ideas, that would just go to waste if they were not written down and shared with my readers, it would’ve been a crime not to :P

4. What ad networks (not affiliates) you currently host and what’s the most profitable so far?

None, I’ve got a non-advertisement policy on LOAB (for the time being at least, I may change my mind). Everywhere on the web where you turn you see advertisement, although I don’t see any real harm in it, after all this is how the author gets financially rewarded for his efforts, I just feel that people should return to their roots, and just blog for the sake of it, not just money. On my other blogs where I monetize my traffic I mainly use Google Adsense and

5. How do you deal with regular posting and deadlines?

I’m really tied up with school and everything, so my time is highly limited. Besides my other niche blogs on which I write a few posts a day, I update about once or twice a week on Lost Art Of Blogging, however with some interesting, well researched and written posts to compensate for the lack of posting. So far it’s kinda working, I gain new readers and exposure everyday, for about 5-6 hours of blogging a week. I personally recommend, in my niche at least, about 3 posts a week, 4 at most.

6. How much time do you spend blogging (this includes commenting on other blogs, documenting for new articles and optimizing for search engines)?

I don’t really keep track of time, but I’d estimate around 2-3 hours documenting and 1 hour actual writing a post.

7. What are the most rewarding parts of blogging? What about most frustrating?

Well traffic and positive replies do well to motivate me to keep going, the cash isn’t bad either ;). Most frustrating moments? When I hit creative burnouts and write about two paragraphs in 3 hours, that over all sucks. Big time!

8. Have you ever used any black SEO method for increasing your rankings?

No, never. I’m actually a SEO noob, I know how it works, it’s main principles and such, but I never bothered to actually make any aggressive campaigns.

9. Do you see yourself continuing this blog for a long time?

Yeah definitely, I still have some much to share and talk about. I see myself writing on it for another year at least.

10. What’s your plan for the next 3 months?

Don’t really have any big plans with it, haven’t made a growth plan or anything like that. I’d expect it would steadily grow to a decent level in terms of traffic and subscribers.

11. What’s your plan for the next 6 months?

Well in the next 6-7 months I’ll be finished with my last exams and that should leave a heck load of time for my side projects. That means some really serious blogging, I can really see LOAB getting really popular.

12. Have you been struck by the recent PageRank decreases?

No, not at all, haven’t endorsed in any blackhat techniques, selling of links or anything like that, so I didn’t have any unpleasant surprise, actually it was quite the opposite: I got a PR 4 on LOAB and hadn’t really done any link bait or anything like that, I just wrote good and unique content and it just grew :p

13. Describe your blog in 3 words.

Smart, Inspiring and Helpful

14. Tell me 5 tools you’re using in your daily/weekly/monthly blogging activity such as browser extensions, web site tools (,,, email client, traffic and analysis tools, blog plugins, etc.

  • Firefox (any other browser just doesn’t compare)
  • Thunderbird (another great application from Mozilla, it perfectily suits my e-mail client needs)
  • Stumbleupon (I’m a stumble junky, I stumble everything I get my hands on and have tremendous fun with it, it’s only downside is that is’ a bit of a time consuming whore)
  • Google Analytics (every good blogger needs to check his stats daily (not every 5 minutes man), so that he can analyze what type of posts do well, what are his readers demographic, what are his traffic sources etc. and G. Analytics does a great job and doing just that)
  • Google feed reader (I don’t like to bookmark pages, so I use feed readers. From the bunch of readers I’ve been using so far, I’ve come to the conclusion that Google Reader is the best. It’s highly portable, easy to use and organize. Everything you could ask from a feed reader)

15. How do you get inspiration for you articles?

I just brainstorm and write my ideas on a sheet of paper or make a note on my PC. I actually have a folder where I store all my post ideas, with some sub-points, so I don’t forget the subjects. It really helps when fighting creative burnouts.

16. Tell me 5 biggest mistakes you’ve made since the beginning of you blog.

Well that would be:

  • Not getting a professional template and not branding myself
  • Not commenting nearly enough on other blogs
  • Not interacting enough with fellow bloggers in my niche
  • Not posting enough at times
  • Neglecting my blog when my readers needed me the most.

17. What makes your blog different from all the other?

Although there are literally thousands of other blogs, writing about the same things as I do, I guess simply the fact that I’m portraying my own thoughts in my blogposts is making my blog different from all the others on the web. It’s vital to convey your personality into your blog, to make it more user friendly and pleasurable.

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