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I like to write. I like to share some of my thoughts. My artistic thoughts. We all like to write, we all had a moment in life when we were children, when we had a certain desire of writing. Maybe stories with fairies and ogres, maybe poetry, trying to rhyme some words and enjoy it, maybe science fiction like me.

I had a friend who wrote a small story about a little cloud girl riding the rainbow. Some of us earn a living by writing. Books, editorials, articles, novels. But for most us this is just a hobby, no one writes because one has to, or is paid to. It’s an inner desire.

Today, it’s called blogging. Notknowingly, we’ve turned ourselves into writers, more or less. And even if this blogging trend will fade away with time, bloggers will still be there, in a dark room, behind a whitish lit computer screen, writing down their thoughts and ideas and wishes and dreams and desires.

And more than sure, blogging will fade away. I’ll deviate my line of thoughts now and say that blogs will go away, just like the greatly interactive discussion lists, Java applets, content management systems, Web 2.0. Did you remember that a long while ago, all pages had a Java-powered menu? Did you notice that the Web 2.0 current is not so active anymore? Did you notice that these days, blogs are the hype? Everything fades away in time, allowing new technologies, currents and trends to emerge and have their 15 minutes of glory.

Scenario: 150 years in the future the Internet has reached every single individual, every single technology and every single gadget in the world. The web will be an alternate world. Old blogs, with tens of thousands of articles will show the life of an inner centered blogger.

Will huge individual empires be based on advertisement-driven blogs? Will we write just thinking of an article? Plugging our brain into a neuronal network computer? Well, my scifi side has taken the lead, so I’ll end the article here. It’s a nice thought, however. Makes you think deep into the future.

Good night.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging as an Art

  1. Very interesting article, and i think your opinion is the right one.

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