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Almost a year ago, when I started this blog, all I had in my mind was Google AdSense. Several web sites previously earned me some income, however, the blogging industry was just rising. Yes, it’s an industry, and very few, I might say a handful are those who can control it.

I just started today my “Blogging Tycoon” (I guess there is no Tycoon series game named like this) quest. What does this mean? I will briefly explain it here and now, as I want to show you the results of my work.

The blogging industry requires perfect timing, precise dead lines, inspiration, research and above all, a strong will. The biggest sharks in blogging will eat smaller ones in no time. The blogging world is no way like you first imagine it. Just start blogging today, I’ll help you, and you will see what hard work really is.

What does this imply? 2 hours of focus every day. Just like this. Pick a niche and start blogging. Get personal. Imagine you are your reader. You like reading blogs which seem to be written by actual people, not scraping content from other blogs’ feeds.

Comment. Get involved. Know your readership. I, personally, know my readers and I’m glad to see some of them returning and commenting. How do I help commenting? I have a Top Commentators plugin. It does wonders, believe me. I will do an experiment these month, and I will set the expiry duration to none. So, all people who ever commented on my blog will appear. I guess this might encourage the other readers to comment more just to be on the list.

Why should I want to be on your Top Commentators list? It’s you to decide, and it’s me to make my blog a better place, a resourceful worth-visiting site and a place to hang out.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Secrets

  1. Actually I just start to get my own domain too and in my mindset right is to monetize my blog/site especially using Adsense. I agree that when blogging it is very beneficial for us to visit other blogs and leave a comment because it can increase our traffic and hopefully can get a return visitor. At the same time, SEO is important to get organic visitor from search engine.

    Halim (Belajar SEO)

  2. Hi, Yes this is a great article, i love reading and writing on my own, this make my blog with fresh content which will make google approve my adsence, please correct me if i am wrong in this. I come across a lot of articles and write on my own. This make my readers have a better feeling on my site.



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