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Broadcast TerminologyThis is a list of broadcast terminology that I’ve added for future reference. I’m going to start off by listing some of the terms I use and what I know to be the definition, and other names. If you think you know differently, have another name for the same thing, or know of something I’ve missed, let me know. Just add your comment and I’ll add your term in the list.

Lower Third Super (lower third, super strap, strap, banner): A graphic that sits at the bottom third of the screen and includes information, most commonly someone’s name. The type on them can be a “slug” (ex. 5-alarm fire) or a “locator” (123 west elm st) or an “identifier”. (Joe Six-Pack from East Wherever)

Full Frame Super: A graphic, usually text, that covers the entire frame.

Snipe: 5-10 second lower third animations that play during the show promoting some other show or what’s coming up.

Interstitial (Clusterbuster): A short show (up to 5 minutes) that is broadcast in-between full length shows.

Promo (Promotion): A sequence that advertises an upcoming show.

Bumper (Next, Promo): A short sequence (5-10 seconds) that plays in-between shows, that advertises an upcoming show(s).

Play Off (Pingel, Bump in): A short sequence that plays before an advertising break.

Play On (Pingel, Bump out): A short sequence that plays after an advertising break.

Packshot (End Page, End Board): A graphic at the end of a promotion that includes the date and time of a show(s).

Ident (Station ID): A short animation that culminates with a channel’s name/logo. Used to brand a channel.

Animatic: A rough animated storyboard used to give some idea about the timing of a sequence.

Opening Title (Open, Leader, Intro, Intro sequence): The sequence that plays at the beginning of a show to open the show.

Billboard: A commercial right after a show or promo. For example, “This program was made possible by “brandname”. Preferably with the same design treatment as the program before it.

Classification (Netherlands = NICAM, Ratings bug): Graphic before a program designed to inform viewer of age suitability for that program. Can also be a bug.

Bug: A small graphic (well usually small ;) ) that appears in the corner of the screen, used to identify a channel, show etc.

Transition (Swipe): A short animation that acts as a transition between segments of a show. It has a logo or is designed according to the content.

Slate: A graphic placed at the beginning of sequence used to display information about the sequence, for example Duration, Format, etc.

Over The Shoulder (OTS): The graphic that sits over a news anchors’s shoulder.

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