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Building a website like you will never get a single visitor from a search engine means building content that people are willing to link to, building content that people want to link to, making your domain name memorable and easy to attract visitors, building relationships with other people in your niches, making your site stickier, increasing the bookmarkability of the site, and chances to increase the return visitors.

All of these characteristics make your non search engine traffic a success, and in many cases also leads to search engine success.

99% of the people making money online don’t work with Google equations all day, rather they build great content that people seek out and remember. These people care little about the competition because they are the competition.

Would you like to have your online business in the position of relying on returning visitors that are finding your site by natural links, typins, and rss feeds, or by google’s search algorightm which is likely to change again before the season does?

Any online business where search is their top priority, especially new business/websites online, has a rocky road ahead of them.

You shouldn’t ignore basic SEO principles, however they shouldn’t be your priority and they certainly get way too much play.

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