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Butterfly Mailr

Butterfly Mailr

Send hundreds, even thousands of e-mails with a single click. Ever wanted to bypass the mail server execution time?

This mailing list sender helps you send e-mails to unlimited categories of users. Clients, affiliates, friends, bloggers, all of them will receive your e-mails. You will even receive an error messages, if some e-mail address does not exist or is not reachable.

Version 1.2 – 25.04.2013

* Removed special file requirement, address files are enough
* Properly formatted the readme.txt file
* Application is now HTML5 compatible
* Improved application rendering speed

Version 1.1 – 03.01.2011

* Demo mode is deactivated by default (config.php, line 9, $demo_mode = 0;)
* Error reporting is now deactivated
* Fixed 3 missing <label> IDs
* Fixed several typos

Version 1.0 – 05.02.2008

* First release

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