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I have quit my television day job and started working for my web design and programming company. I might say the crisis did this, or the overwhelming stress, or even my desire not to go blind before 40. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s for the better. I will have more time for my current projects, such as the blog, the link directory, the Quake Quantum Engine and the upcoming projects (Phancee, cgButterfly and Blog Tycoon).

Life may change your track sometimes, but if you think positive you’ll see the light at the end of the new track. And maybe, sometimes, life hints you with a new (and more profitable) direction. I think I just found mine.

During the last months I noticed a drop in my AdSense earnings. I blame the crisis, of course, but I think this is the right moment to invest in my sites. If I double my web sites’ content, when the crisis is over, I will have triple earnings from Google AdSense.

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13 thoughts on “Changes, Changes, Changes

  1. i think the global crisis or recession has affected us all in every part of our lives and the drop in the adsense earning of yours is for the same reason.

  2. I agree with Molnar, the global economic crisis is effecting us all. it’s times like these that the strong survive and the weak fail. I believe you will be fine.

  3. Stress is everywhere nowadays, but there are ways to cope to make life more comfortable during tough times…….

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  4. You are right Mr. Molnar it is due to global economic crisis. Global Economic Crisis originated from america due to mistake of multinational bankers because they lend money to those people who did not qualify basic primary conditions of borrowing money from the bank.

  5. I envy you so much! I’m in a horrible company at the moment that I hate but fear of not making it on my own is keeping me there. You’re incredibly brave – I wish I had that!

    Any tips?

  6. I agree a positive thinker is always achieve his target at last. It is also a fact that good & bad situation are coming in ones life regularly so we should appreciate good situation & try to learn form bad situation.

  7. I think that the economic crisis has affected us all, too. I was lucky enough to find a job at a local restaraunt

  8. i always enjoying reading your blog.

  9. People are losing their jobs and start looking for a new one; employers are looking for professional staff to save their companies.

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