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With a fresh blog (actually 3 months, but not really updated since now), Clickbooth Blog tries to increase its covering on affiliate marketing. The blog is simple, and information wins over presentation. As a personal opinion, the logo seems fresh and one remembers it over time.

If you are not satisfied by the blog, head over to the Clickbooth Twitter page. With almost daily updates, you can find out what Clickbooth is up to these days.

I’ve never used Clickbooth, but I’m seriously considering using it as I heard (from some fellow bloggers using it), that they offer you the highest payouts in the industry, while working with the top CPA programs. One nice feature is the rotating ads they provide, as on a past blog I had, I used a custom rotator for affiliate ads to save space. Custom rotation is however not recommended as you can be banned from the respective affiliate network. Another feature I’m highly interested in is the publisher referrals, with a large percentage of the sale. Clickbooth works with its publishers to find the best payment plan for each of them. Publishers can apply for weekly payouts and select from several payment methods.

Apart from the contact options on the main site, the blog seems a good idea for getting in touch with readers, users, publishers and advertisers.

If you did not visit the blog, it is time to do it now, as you’ll have the chance to see what Clickbooth is doing, what events they are organizing and/or attending, and get in touch with a sales representative.

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2 thoughts on “Clickbooth Network Blog

  1. Clickbooth is awesome, ive made so much more with them than azoogle over the last few months, highly recommended :D.

  2. Clickbooth has also started their Twitter page which helps their users stay updated whenever there’s any change…. We can also make money with Clickbooth Affiliate Network…. The blending of Clickbooth ads with the content gives easy search engine access & content synchronization …. It is the only company which gives full fledges international service to its users….

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