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When I started my web programming business I had several clients who wanted some complex applications for their web sites, such as a real estate CMS, a jobs one and another one for an art site.

After lots of errors with no apparent way of fixing and an exaggerated templating system, I decided to apply what I’ve learned and write my own CMSs. And I succeeded. Now, I have two real estate portals, one link directory, two job CMSs (or JMSs) and my Butterfly Organizer.

There are more in progress, and I realized that niche portals are the way to go in future.

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12 thoughts on “CMS Redesign

  1. For CMS I like to develop my own for the simple reason that you can tweak existing CMS to fit your own style and needs. That way everything works the way you want it to and not the original developers idea.

  2. People want CMS because they can easily made changes without and programming knowledge, you done great job best wishes for your progress.

  3. real estate portals, two job CMSs and my Butterfly Organizer i s OK, but what is one link directory, i mean how time is requires to make link directory,

  4. It took me about 2 weeks to completely customize one link directory engine.

  5. Hi, I want to design my own website based on another website. But looking at the website I want to mimic, It looks like it used a CMS. I can’t be too sure. So is there a way for me to tell if a website uses a CMS by looking at its’ source code?

  6. @Molnar: No, you can’t just by looking at the source code, as the source code is interpreted and generated as HTML.

  7. I totally agree with you, but i think also that useful comments – and professional comments too, improve the visibility and the credibility of your blog in an amazing way! Keep up with your interesting insights!

  8. I have collection of 100 songs and i want to make them available on internet. Can anyone plz tell me how can i make them in a cms database so that each song will be given a unique id with a php link instead of direct mp3 link.

  9. I am playing around with Joomla but i have no idea what i am doing. Any tips for me especially when it comes to the database that i need.

    Why do i need a mysql database?

  10. The Web CMS Report is well worth it. Information is always key to good decisions, don’t skip that step! It’s also surprisingly well written and not as dry as you would expect. I have an IT background and also a writing (English Literature) background, so I very much appreciated the balance of charts, tech info, and plain speaking good old sentences.

  11. I agree, as CMS sites become more and more popular, businesses are going to want niche portals to achieve their CMS site. This is the way of the future, as people will need to have CMS specially designed and look unique so there is not overcrowding of the same type of website in the marketplace.

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