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These days almost everyone has a blog. A fresh new one or a several-year old one. How frequently should you update these blogs? Well, I’d say a post per day, does not make the visitor go away, but brings it to read your article. So, 7 posts a week, one per day, brings you 7 different visitors a day. This is the worst case. If you write 2 posts per day, they will come and stay more on your blog. I am referring to visitors/readers interested in what you’re blogging about. So, there it is, the loyal readers are building up.

You don’t have time to write a post per day. So what, just write 3 posts today and publish them one by one each subsequent days. Choose a day with inspiration, gather some information and stockpile about 5 or 6 articles. There you are, this week you are free, giving you time to surf the blogs and the web and find new topics for the next week.

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