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I need to extract some data from a web page and place it on a fishing site. The source web page is updated frequently, and I don’t have the necessary time to update it. So, I’ll use the Javascript innerHTML function.

First of all, I should identify the element I’m trying to copy, let’s say a div with the ID info:

<div id="info">
This information updates daily.

The next step is to include the source web page as an IFRAME with width and height equal to 0:

<iframe name="thief" width="0" height="0" frameborder="0" src="source.html"></iframe>

The final code should read from the IFRAME and display the content on the destination page, in a specially created div:

<div id="destination">
This content will be replaced.

<script type="text/javascript">
// this script will copy the ontent of the 'info' div into the 'thief' div in the destination page
parent.document.all('thief').innerHTML = document.all('info').innerHTML;

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6 thoughts on “Copy Web Page Content Using innerHTML

  1. I am feeling pretty slow here…cant seem to make this work. Where do you refernce the “destination” id in the code?

  2. The “destination” id should be a placeholder for the data you want copied.

    For example if you want to copy a sentence from another page on page x.html, you place the “destination” id div into x.html. Got it?

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