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While doing more and more R&D (research and development, for the ignorants), I started to like the idea of having a unified design (well, that’s the whole point, and that’s the way it should be). I know. Here’s what FedEx say about their brand:

“The FedEx brand is more than a famous name. It’s a set of values, attributes and artwork that reflects the spirit of our company. Using it consistently will reinforce our position as one of the world’s premier businesses.”

It’s not just a piece of graphics to sit in the left of your web site, or stationery, or envelope.

“Our brand attributes are at the core of our brand. They summarize our promise to our customers, showing people not only what we do, but how we do it. Everything that bears the FedEx name should live up to these attributes.”

How many companies and/or web sites live up to these rules? Maybe a handful, not taking into account the big companies with brands, logos and slogans that we dream at night.

While creating guidelines for Butterfly Media Romania and researching the main corporate identity rules, I became frustrated, happy, angry, ignorant, discoverer and frustrated again. It’s very hard to have a unified design (as I create now a web awareness). I have to take care of logos, slogans, banners, stationery, footers, headers, typefaces, secondary products, tertiary products (such as plug-ins, patches and updates for my products). There are also buttons, bullets, icons, separators and many more.

The Butterfly Media Romania Identity Manual is being slowly built and you will soon have the chance to download and study it. Also you will be presented with all the changes in my web sites, banners, products, headers and footers.

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4 thoughts on “Corporate Identity Guidelines For Me

  1. Good point, thanks a lot for your kind words. Good luck with your music site, too.

  2. I think it is always hard to start, we can’t be perfect, we may do mistakes or silly things but eventually if we are smart enough and care about what we do then we can develop and fix things and make them look better,

    See, when I was at college, I compare myself at the first year and myself at the last year, I find myself did really silly things at the first year and I overcame them when I grow up more at the last year, what I want to say is that with time we can develop better and we can see things differently, also the time always change and things don’t stay the same as there are always new technologies and we can insert them in our work, also we have to be creative to be unique and to keep up our promises which can make people trust us and trust our work so that they keep looking for us even if our services sometimes are more expensive than others!

    so gradual growing is important but also a good start is important too cause the start also sometimes may affect the company as if it is a bad start then whatever you do or fix the people will always talk about that bad start things, it is like when you break a dish then buying a new one is more better than fixing it,

    You did good job again,
    Keep your work going,
    I really wish you good luck,


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