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Continuing my first ramblings about corporate identity, here are some notes on corporate identity and the web.

On the web you find lots of hints concerning web design and usability of web pages. But
how do you compare web pages? Which ones are good or bad? What does a homepage say about your

First of all classic corporate identity theory speaks of three different areas:

  • corporate design
  • corporate communications
  • corporate behaviour

The web community synonymously uses corporate design and corporate identity, putting a very strong focus on the graphical side of the user interface. However, other factors are relevant as well.

Very important is the way an organization can be reached. Some web pages do not provide a contact point at all, others just provide an email address. Some provide web forms to be filled
in. Research has shown that the sender should be free to choose the medium. So a web form allows for easy processing but not for free choice of contact. The ideal web site provides a contact person with an email and a phone number. Fax is good, but seems to lose importance, as some studies showed lately.

When we want to encourage people to get in touch, people should be presented on the page instead of machines or technology. This may cause trouble however for companies or organizations that are focused on technology only. Basic sales experience however shows that people buy from people.

Another important set of variables deals directly with interactivity. So, a forum or a blog is a very important means for enhancing a web site’s interactivity.

So, as a conclusion, the graphics is not everything, but it is the most important for creating an image of the company/product/service.

So, I have (not completed yet as of my brand awareness plan) a main web site and a blog. A forum does not apply yet, but as my products evolve, one will be created.

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4 thoughts on “Corporate Identity On The Web

  1. Hmm, what can I say. I was looking the past month for something to buy for my girlfriend, actually it was a Hello Kitty doll, or Hello Kitty panties. I found some web sites looking a little bit odd. So I looked for SSL, that is ‘https://’ addresses, I looked for web badges and stamps stating ‘Secure transaction’ or something. I also carried out a false transaction to see how the web pages succeed and what operations they do behind their HTML.

    Other thing, I have a MasterCard CC and the people at the bank told me not to put money on the card, except when paying, and the amount should be fixed. I asked why and they answered ‘You know how internet works, don’t you?’ Yes, I know. So, that’s what I do, have a fixed amount of money every time I make a payment.

  2. Hi,

    The thing I want to say is that you make sense in what you say, and I agree people want to buy from people as they want to feel that they are talking to someone real,
    But I guess here is the problem, since many websites have online sales or services, for example sales, songs, programming, or whatever it is, and since many people always look for the easy money (as to say many people want to sit home and make money), so usually they don’t have offices or something like that, they only sit home and try to make their money, I think this is why many people have websites that don’t have more details, may be only an e-mail,
    I guess this is a point, may be there are others, I dont’ know, may be they go arround taxes so that they don’t pay them or something, I am not sure but it does have many guessing,

    but again and to be honest, what you say it does make a lot of sense to me, I would go and buy something from a person instead of talking to a machine or something I know nothing about,

    and since we talked about sales, I want to ask you something which was going in my mind for a while, how can someone trust a website and pay it money as when he or she will pay money then they might use a credit card, how can you define wether this a trustable or non trustable website?

    Thank you very much for all these information,

  3. First of all, a great post! Corporate Identity on the Internet is very important.

    Secondly, the way a lot of brand are defined on the Internet is through consistent HCI and UI design principles, as well as being able to emulate the creative flair of a business in the real-world. I maintain that it’s near impossible to be able to design for a company without having some solid details or research to work with. It’s important to get everything right because the user will be intelligent enough to compare the online experience to the offline one. Imagine if a large brand like Starbucks were to have a flashy pink website with drum n’ bass music instead of their current design. If a user were to trust their website after that I’d be very surprised.

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