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I’m talking about corporate web sites. I did the same mistakes ever and ever again. How many times have you seen a web design company website with an outdated copyright year in the footer? Countless times. This is one of them I’m sure the company is doing just fine, and the latest project just ended a week ago. Why not update the site?

The corporate website is often neglected and the design is ugly and outdated. It was hip 5 years ago, but now it simply doesn’t appeal anymore. So what, they have a marketing department dealing with clients, why should they update and redesign the site?

And when the time finally comes, the costs are exaggerated. They need a new CMS, new SEO strategies, new promotion tactics, a lot of custom programming for stuff like useless AJAX widgets, JavaScript clocks and Flash splash pages.

I decided to use WordPress for my company web site and it’s running just great. Easy to update, easy to add or remove widgets, and it’s very easy to present my services both in Romanian and in English. I decided to keep te products section in English as Butterfly Organizer, .mailr, em(phasis) and Query Admin receive a lot of visits from many countries. All the other sections such as services, portfolio, gallery and contact have been written in Romanian, because this is my primary target.

Another change I will be doing soon is to move the themes from the company site to this blog. The main website is for presentation and portfolio only.

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23 thoughts on “Corporate Mistakes

  1. I have to say I think big companies really miss the boat when it comes to a web precense, their website are frequently cluttered with technical speak, and its VERY difficult to figure out what they actually do or sell. Small companies tend to figure out that they only have a few seconds to make that VERY clear.

  2. I agree. Small companies have the advantage when it comes to the internet and internet presence. I feel that larger companies devalue the power of the internet in relation to the rest of the companies divisions. Small businesses are given a chance to compete because of this.

  3. I take your point, but there’s no need to update the copyright date unless content has changed?

  4. I am glad you brought this up. So often I find outdated copyrights on websites and, as a consumer, I think the company must be out of business or so hopelessly clueless that I would not want to do business with them.
    As a marketing professional, it just makes me cringe. For instance, with a dental website, marketing using newer social media methods is essential in today’s market.
    You are so right that keeping up with the times, frequently changing content, and adding multimedia content are the best ways to keep a corporate website relevant and popular.

  5. I am totally agreed with your point but the advantage is taken only by the small companies and businesses and big companies are not so much interested in this theme.

  6. As i think that , Normally if survive our business then we must follow up a updated SEO strategy. For it we should updated our site minimum one time in a month. And we should carehul about the redesign and other onpage factors.

  7. sometimes there are a lot of problems because of which they could not redesign or repair some corrupted web pages. sometimes there are less manpower to work on and many more reasons. thats why they are so late to do so i think.

  8. I am partially agree with your point and information. I take your point, but there’s no necessity to randomly update the copyright date unless content has changed? But thanks for the description.

  9. many companies may have different problems to redesign a particular web site. we should give them somewhat time to make that accurate…

  10. This is very true, after the ecommerce and web2.0 boom hit large corporations, there has not been a big wave since. Most of these corporate website are suffering due to a lack of connection with the viewer. Most information goes over their heads and they may leave for a different web site. I also agree that it is very important to be up to date with the copyright footer. That can scare away casual visitors that visit your site for the first time.

  11. many companies work for this kind of problem for solving out them. sometimes it takes so much time that we think that they are not working but they do. so we should have patience….

  12. I am totally agree with your opinion. I really appreciate your point, but there’s no need to update the copyright date unless the new contents are added by the visitors.I am glad you brought such an interesting information for us.

  13. i agree but i don’t think that any of the web developing company should update or change their copyrights so frequently… it should be updated at the proper time…..

  14. I think the C W never neglect if the design is updated and the design keep interesting ideas. The design should be such that it make a sense and we can say it make a apeal. So

  15. It always saddens me when some of the bigger corporations totally miss out on the opportunity of their website, and the precense and how easy they actually have it. I am positive some of these companies could bring in so much more money if they actually put forth a real marketing/seo campaign on their websites.

  16. Many companies are working on this issue but time is a factor which is required to grasp it .nice post.

  17. I’ve seen lots of corporate websites that do nothing for generating traffic and are not updated regularly. what a waste! Of course, many times no one in the company has the time to update it. That is where something like an outsourced dental advertising and marketing company would come in handy, and more than pay for itself.

  18. Make sure that if you invest money in the construction of a corporate website, that you put money into SEO or search engine optimization as well. This will attract more vistors to your website from search engines. What good is a website that no one sees?

  19. when they achieve success, they often forget where they started, that’s why they don’t update it. they will only use if they feel that they are loosing.

  20. I think it is certainly wise if you have a Corporate Website to use a CMS like WordPress as the longer you leave it before changing to a CMS based site the more expensive and time consuming it will be. I use WordPress for my Corporate Identity site and I to am very happy with it. Just remember to backup the database though.
    .-= MJ Stapleford Corporate Identity’s last blog ..Logo Design for Company based in Bristol =-.

  21. I too have seen lots of corporate websites that do nothing for generating traffic and are not updated regularly. what a waste!

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