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I’ve been watching for a few weeks now a great show on CBS, namely Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. This man is fantastic and he’s been through a lot during his life. Now, before I start, let me tell you my favourite parts of his show. So, I’ll start with the monologue, I’ll then add the actual talk to the guest, the awkward pauses and the “What have we learned today” part with the gray kitten.

He has his own personal way of making fun of people in the showbiz, even his “hobo” audience. The reason I’m writing this is kinda mixed right now. I’m in a lengthy and complicated process of learning how to correctly pronounce words with a wee bit of Scottish accent, between my regular programming job.

I really intend to get a mike and read some lines, I’ve had this podcast idea for a long a time now that could turn up into some kind of webmaster offline radio shite. Not really sure about what tomorrow might I come up with.

If you get the slightest chance of watching Craig on CBS, by all means, do it. He won the Peabody excellency award for TV and journalism, although he hates entertainment journalists.

He appeared in some recent movies — also some older 1994 – 2000 ones — and he has big future plans.

Check the links in this article and you’ll find Craig’s Twitter account and the official CBS page. They’re hidden inside the words!

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One thought on “Craig Ferguson – Late Late Show

  1. There is a new guy on my soccer team who is an Englishman. From time to time I talk in a fake English accent to be funny. Now, I’m wanting my fake accent to become more realistic so I’m struggling with the same thing. I also like watching Ferguson better than Leno or Letterman.

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