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The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo. Seemed quite interesting and easy to understand.

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8 thoughts on “Credit Crisis Vizualized

  1. Nice post, i really like the video, it really explains things rather well. thanks for putting this up, i hope other people can learn from it.

  2. Jonathan created a really great video! In the 12 minutes I spent watching the video I learned more, than I would by watching the news. If I didn’t watch this I never would have learned about Allen Greenspan having an effect on this.

  3. I’m not an economist but I need to analyze the impact of the global credit crisis on different countries and this video is very beneficial for it . Thanks for this post

  4. that isa great video and there is a lot of good info about the current situation and what you can do to help your family.
    i hope that everyone can have a look at it and learn something new for them .

  5. Hey, great video! I liked it because it was very informative. Good information to know and it was also easy to understand which is great since I am not the brightest.

  6. This is a really good video and the animation is great to. It’s a very complicated subject so Jonathan Jarvis has done very well to be able to explain it in only 11 mins.
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