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I am currently researching building my own CMS, tailored to my own needs and my current clients’ needs, all of them using WordPress.

My feature list is pretty simple:

  1. Hierarchical posts and pages (categories and parents)
  2. Markdown editor or, optionally, a rich text editor
  3. Basic theme support
  4. Twig support (optional)
  5. Disqus commenting
  6. Basic user management
  7. Automatic update (maybe)

The CMS would support, out of the box, pagination, Masonry (image display library) and placeholders (shortcodes).

The CMS would need to work with both Apache and nginx and support pretty URLs. It would also need to use the best practices for including scripts and styles. I will use my user management system and my nuuk PDO library for MySQL interaction.

The reason for this is that I need a smaller CMS for some of the sites and WordPress is pretty server-heavy for 5 static pages, updated once a year and one administrator user. The purpose is to have a very simple and lightweight content management system.

On a separate note, I’ve started using Pico CMS for a personal blog. Too simple for a client site but awesome for me. Started publishing in 5 minutes.

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