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A while ago I was brainstorming to write a privacy policy for one of my sites. I looked on other sites to see what they wrote, but there were different things and I did not know which one was better, or more legal. So while searching on the web, I ran into a privacy policy generator. I have added my name, my company name, my URL address and my e-mail and that was it. A perfect privacy policy fitted for my site.

I had to polish it a bit, add some details, remove others, but the main stuff was there. If you need a privacy policy, try here:

Based on your company’s information policies, either fill in the blank or select the proper response to each of the following questions. Your privacy policy statement will then be emailed to you for final editing and posting to your website. (Note: If one or more of the below statements does not apply to your practices, you may leave that section blank and it will not appear on the draft statement that we send to you). You can edit the statement once you receive it.

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