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Need to hire a copywriter/CRO pro? Trying to land some gigs? This is the thread for you.

4 months ago from ciprian in Conversion Rate Optimization (172 words, 80 views, 0 replies)

Sometimes, a free critique isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need a pro to step in and help you up your game.

While the professionals here generously share their time and talents, we’re all here to make a living – whether it’s the companies posting for feedback, or the skilled folks offering up responses.

I decided to make a thread where these members could share their details so that companies can follow up and (hopefully) hire them.

If you’re a pro looking for work, here’s what to share:

1. Name:
2. Business Name:
3. Link to Website/Portfolio:
4. Email:
5. Role (e.g. Copywriting, UX, full stack, etc.):
6. Specialties (e.g. Types of work, industries or clients you prefer):
7. Billing Method (Hourly, project rate):
8. Minimum project rate (Optional):
9. Why hire you? (This one’s up to you – but please keep it to 100 words or less)

Please keep all submissions relevant to CRO.

Please do not post questions/discussions here – but feel free to share a testimonial for someone you’ve worked with off this list underneath their submission!

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