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What’s the ROI of your Guest Posts? I studied 273 guest posts on 78 blogs and it doesn’t look good.

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Originally written by Tim Soulo and updated on April 15, 2019.

I’m pretty sure all of you guys have at least one guest post under your belt. And I’m pretty sure a lot of you are writing guest articles on a regular basis. So here’s my question to you:

What is the ROI of your guest articles? And how do you measure it?

I reached out to 500+ bloggers and marketers with this question and asked them to share some of their numbers with me.

But to start the conversation, here’s a short TL;DR:

1. What can you get from writing guest articles?

You can get these 5 things:

1. Referral traffic;
2. Quality backlinks;
3. Exposure & Credibility;
4. Nurturing relationships with great people;
5. Monetary reward.

But WILL you get all of these things with your next guest article? My study shows that it’s very unlikely.

2. What is the average referral traffic that you can get from your guest post (in online marketing niche)?

It’s miserable.

The average traffic across 273 articles that I’ve studied was only 56 visits. I’ll tell you more.

Only 15% of all the guest articles that I’ve studied generated more than 100 referring visits.

3. Can you rely on Alexa ranking, when evaluating blogs to guest post for traffic?

Alexa ranking of a blog has nothing to do with how much referral traffic you’re going to get from your guest article.

A much better metric to look at is “Number of Comments”.

4. Should you write guest posts to build quality backlinks to your website?

The “guest blogging is dead” myth has been debunked so many times, that I won’t give you any extra comments here.

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