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Why Growth Hacking?

2 months ago from ciprian in Growth Hacking (171 words, 54 views, 0 )

The full post is here, but I wanted to start a discussion on “why” growth hacking…

You have all heard about “growth hacking.” But nearly all articles published about growth hacking talk about the who, the what, the where, and the when. Who are the best growth hackers? What was the growth hack? Where can I see that growth hack? When did they do that growth hack? Or some variation of the above. Over and over. And there is nothing wrong with that.

But rarely do people talk about the why. And that might be paramount. Whenever I am looking at potential growth hacks or helping others with growth, I always stress starting with “why” that worked. You can’t just copy others and expect their success, especially when you don’t really know how well, or poorly, it worked for them.

But that is not what I want to dive into here. I want to zoom out even further. Why is growth hacking even important? Why is that the solution?

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