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We read everyday articles such as search engine optimization, search engine results position ranking, PageRank increases, decreases, self-improvement, blogging techniques, widgets, XHTML, e-mail lists, Internet marketing, white papers, and more.

Are you sure the authors of these articles really do what they say? Are you sure these “correct, by the book” techniques really help? How can you be sure that any of these bloggers is not using any illegal techniques to promote, enhance, increase any of the aspects of their blogs?

If all bloggers would listen to these information and behave as they should, all blogs on the Internet would be equal in terms of ranking, traffic, subscriptions, and other. The only different thing would be the age of blogs.

I will continue stating that doing everything by the book will raise your blog beyond any other web site on the Internet. Sadly, we don’t have the physical time to do everything, like accessing Internet every day, documenting thoroughly for an article, writing the article, promoting the article using social media networking/marketing, sending shouts to Diggers, e-mailing people from your favourite e-mails list, commenting on how many blogs as possible (by comment I mean a short article with a helpful insight, not just a spammy line), writing useful stuff on forums, seeing what’s new on the Internet, visiting all your favourite blogs using Netvibes, cheching out the blog directories, such as BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog, and I’m already getting tired.

Most of us have jobs and families and friends. And we have to eat and sleep. Turn your blogging activity into a full-time and there you have it. There’s the time to do all that stuff. But the most complicated step to take is the one from a part-time blog to a full-time blog. You need to have resources (in real life) to get through the first months of blogging with none to little income), or work in parallel to raise the blog to a certain level of income.

But, let’s face it. One blog, one topic, one niche. How much money can you make? How much income can you get? You will have to open another blog. Or two of them. With different topics. And write on each blog every day.

How does it sound?

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60 thoughts on “Do As I Say, Not As I Do

  1. Wow! It took me awhile, but I finally figured it out.

    Just in case you meant what you wrote, though, there are no shortcuts to success. There is no shortage of people who will take your money and tell you otherwise, but they’re not the ones who are successful. If you’re not willing to put in the work, any success you do have will be very short-lived.

  2. Yikes.. I can’t imagine myself doing this ;) Thanks!
    By the way, I don’t usually follow other people’s advice. It’s better to observe what they’re doing and do the same thing if it works.

  3. I’ve linked letters within a word, punctuation marks, and also things like this, only I never linked every single word in a post!

    This is Net Art, using the internet to make art and not caring about the effects. But this is also a good way to get bloggers to notice you. When they check via Technorati, who is linking to them, they will be surprised. Some may be annoyed, but they are the uptight ones.

    Carry on. I love this type of experimentation.

  4. OMG indeed!

    Well, you certainly got my attention and no doubt plenty more… so, for the huge effort you made, I hope it brings you a ton of traffic! :-)


  5. Wow, that is a very interesting article. And I also wanted to say that I have been a full time blogger for the last 2 years, and so information on my site is mostly my experiences. It isn’t a bunch of crap, crud or otherwise misleading information, and some of what I post won’t help my readers boost their rankings or make more money, but rather help them to avoid some of the pitfalls I had.

    I think I keep my posts relatively helpful and interesting, and would like to think that people could learn from me.

    Again, very interesting post.

  6. Talking about link-bait… 375 links in 1 post, text to think about and a revolutionary way of writing… If this gets picked up, some whiz-kid will probably cook up a blog-plugin that does this automatically… which takes out all the charm and beauty you put into this.

    I respect you… a lot!

  7. Very clever and thanks for the mention.

    We have equal chance to success just not at the equal level. Hardwork to make lots of money may not be necessary in the internet world nowadays but no matter what you still have to WORK and TAKE CERTAIN ACTION to success.

  8. If you folks like this legit and funny link baiting, try it yourself. Link commas, periods, question marks, random words to bloggers you know and like, and other bloggers. See what happens.

  9. @2 – you need to be an innovator, even if that means the following:
    1. People think you are crazy
    2. People think you are a jerk
    3. People think you are a crazy jerk
    4. People ignore you

    There is room for innovation in blogging techniques that stay on the proper side of the ethical line of scrimage, but you have to take the chance to use them.

    @ Author
    I found out about this post from a friend on twitter who was linked and curious to see the traffic stats from this post.

  10. As I’m reading this, I find myself understanding the point of this blog post, but also thinking OMG every word here is a link. I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen that done. How laborious is it for you to do this?

  11. Very crazy post. I like it, never seen before.

  12. Damn, it must have taken quite a lot time for you… thanks for the link. By the way, I loved the font you have on this blog.

  13. Impressive to say the least. How much time did it take? Thanks for the link.

  14. I know I am linked somewhere up there but it is almost 3am my time here so I shall just say thanks and I hope I got a nice keyword linked to my blog. Cheers and bravo for doing something I have never seen before!

  15. Thanks for your comments, it took me a lot, but I decided to do this experiment, as I had it on my mind for a while, but never found the time to do it.

    I meant everything I wrote there, and everything is based on my experience since I’ve opened it 4 months ago.

    I think I will do some more experiments like this, I like revolutionary ideas for link-baiting, I’ll try something new this Christmas.

    Thank you all for reading my blog.

  16. Wow, this is amazing – very clever. It must have taken quite a bit of work! This was a fantastic experiment and I absolutely love it. I wish I was able to do things as creative and unique as this. Well done! :)

  17. Quite a creative way to get people’s attention. Nice article too. I struggle with time just like you do…

  18. Thank you for writing this. Not just in blogging but in business, politics and parenting there is always some sort of “off the record” tactics going on. Great post. I’m going to link to you this week in my post about keeping out of the blogging cliques.

  19. I actually found my link on the 6th try, not too bad, it was also on a good word “increase”. Very clever post idea, although I think it required a lot of work. Your creativity has gotten you a new subscriber. Take care, Emma

  20. @Emma: just go into the source code (Ctrl+U in Firefox) then Ctrl+F (find) and type your URL.

  21. Wow, more replies. Thank you for your thoughts and considerations, if you want to know, I did the whole article in Notepad.

    I used Copy/Paste technique until I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. But I did it.

  22. @Egonitron, thanks. I guess trial & error is a little time consuming.

  23. Very creative article. Too bad the actual text is such a rant with no purpose.

  24. Hi – well your marketing efforts definitely paid off on this post. But, I am inclined to agree with you.

    Some folks who give out tips on how to drive more traffic to your blog probably don’t do everything they’re advising you to do.

    And I’ve noticed another thing, sometimes some of the advice the mega blogs give will benefit them, more than it does you.

    Keep up the good work though – this is your 34th comment on one thread, which is v good.

  25. Great post. Did you use the 45n5 list?

    Thanks for the link and I have to admit this is the first time visiting and it is because of this article. So in a way you have accomplished part of your goal. Keep up the great blog.

  26. Yes, I used the 45n5 list, and some other hand-picked blogs. Thanks for your appreciation.

  27. Great work… You’ll be glad to know that you got me here through the link appearing on my blog… Good to see that i am in such good company!

  28. I found this post through technorati and urlfan. one of my site (ezrichproject) is linked from the post.

    I have read this post twice. and you have posed few valid questions. in addition, your post is of viral nature that hooked up the owner of the site that you linked to. in addition to that, your question demands opinion and suggestion.

    one thing that you should consider is following the crowd make you a clone. to be spotted among the crowd, you need to be more bold and different. successful blogger are trend setter, they are alway a few steps ahead and alway the first to experiment some idea.

    continue your blogging and do lot’s of research and come out with our own finish product that is far more outstanding than the rest, and soon you will on the way to success.

  29. Thank you for your suggestions and opinions. Trend setter we are all, or trying to be, though the vast majority never makes it.

  30. Work Smart Not Hard! Whereas a certain amount of hardwork is necessary, working smart is more important. You can work hard all day and yet accomplish nothing!

  31. Nice way to get a lot of attention.

    Actually I recall the headline to be the same as an article of mine.

    Did you get any long-lasting results from this effort?


  32. Well, actually you commented here after 3 months, so yes, it is long-lasting.

  33. I guess your experiment succeed :). Nice and creative method.

  34. Yes, indeed. It succeeded. It was my biggest experiment so far. I intend to experiment more with other ideas.

  35. So far this is the most creative blog post I’ve ever read. Smart too. Since I am not really sure, does every word represent the keyword related to the link?

  36. Oh I see. It would be interesting to put the link on every related word, and it takes a long time though.

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  42. It was a cool article. You are right. Your creativity is very nice. I accept your points. It was true. People know what they thinking about that blogs. Your title was amazing.

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  45. This is an interesting post. It is very true that blogging is very time consuming with little reward when you first start out. Thanks for the article.

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