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I’ve seen recently a show on Zone Reality about the OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). One of its many manifestations that caught my attention was the “stuffing”. There are some people who use to gather things and keep them inside their homes, with no apparent use. No, I rephrase, they’re actually useless.

Extending this manifestation, I could ask (myself) 2 questions.

  1. Am I “stuffing” things on my blog?
  2. Am I “stuffing” things on my notebook?

I definitely am “stuffing” things on my blog. The Blog Clean Up Day helped me a lot, as I removed some useless banners, links, plugins and 1 88×31 button :). Nevertheless, stuff remained on my blog, but it will go away on a monthly basis, as I do research to see what AdSense banners work best (or work at all), what links are clicked, what scripts are slowing down my blog, and what plugins I don’t really use.

About the second question, I remember reading a while ago, when I started this blog, about how to clean up your notebook. I am “stuffing” things. I gather text, images, software, all kinds of useless stuff. This question will remain to get answered, as I still have things I don’t want to throw away. The best solution I could came up with, was share all the movies, pictures, ebooks with services such as YouTube, Scribd, Imageshack and other media sharing services.

They could get really handy as some specialized blog resources.

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